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We all stand together under an umbrella of support for open source contributors

Being part of a community is what humans are largely designed for. People cluster up. We support each other and provide companionship by coexisting in shared spaces. The fact that today these spaces are increasingly virtual, online and asynchronous does not change the foundational workings of human groups.

But no…

Replicating data in your Apache Kafka? Good idea! Read the top 5 reasons why.

MirrorMaker 2.0 is a robust data replication utility for Apache Kafka. It acts as a consumer and producer for multiple Kafka clusters, so that users can easily and reliably copy data from one cluster to another…

An open door to Aiven for OpenSearch.

Today, we are thrilled to announce Aiven for OpenSearch — a new managed service that is built on the OpenSearch project — a truly open source alternative to Elasticsearch. Aiven for OpenSearch secures a fully open source upgrade path for Aiven for Elasticsearch 7.x customers.

When Elastic (the company behind…

Two penguins dance hand in hand illustrating how cloud and open source technology help APAC businesses thrive.

During a recent webinar, we talked with Rajesh Ajmera, Traveloka’s Head of Engineering, and Nitish Jha, Gojek’s Head of Engineering, about the state of cloud and open-source technology adoption in the APAC region (Asia-Pacific).

This past year, businesses in the APAC region have seen first-hand how cloud and open-source technologies…

A drone delivers a pizza box, thanks to some awesome event driven architecture

Request-response is the traditional communication pattern used in computing and in most web applications. In web services, the standard approach is for a client to make a synchronous HTTP request, and then wait for a response from the web server. In a microservices architecture, request-response is also commonly used: a…

A couple push a shopping cart full of produce towards a webinar discussing how retail and eCommerce can leverage open source cloud technology

Aiven recently hosted a webinar where we spoke with two experts about the ways retail companies can utilize cloud technology to stay competitive in 2021 and beyond.

As Senior VP at Emarsys, Alex Timlin is an Entrepreneurial Executive specialising in Go-To-Market, Product Marketing and Product Leadership with 15+ years’ experience…

A man searches for meaning in a fine art illustration of graphed data

Tired of being cooped up in your home office, or your actual office, or both if that’s how you roll? Let’s take a break and go surfing on the waves of data…

A woman admires a painting from data’s late expressionist period in the Aiven Museum of Modern Monitoring Art.

When you monitor your systems 24/7/365, sometimes you find your graphs doing something… interesting.

For example, this is cool, although at the same time pretty normal: heavy load on a server.

A man carrying an axe and log illustrates a post about logging using Kubernetes and Aiven services

Logs are extremely important for understanding the health of your application, and in the event of problems, they help in diagnosing the issue. Methods and tools for capturing, aggregating and searching logs make the diagnosis process simpler. They are even more important with the adoption of microservices and container orchestrators…

Aiven’s solution architect and resident gumshoe Jason Hepp sits behind his desk on the case of the fluctuating Redis metrics

I was sitting in my office, sipping bourbon and cleaning my trusty keyboard, when the phone rang. It was a customer, a recent one, and they had a problem.

The customer’s read rates were fluctuating oddly. They were expecting a quick turnaround on the job since, they said, the culprit…


Your database in the cloud,

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