Aiven DevDay: crowd source meets open source

A summary of an internal hackathon at Aiven

Breaking the ice with LEGO®

  • Not all teams figured out that they could collaborate with their sister team, ask them questions, or trade LEGO® pieces.
  • While some teams planned and strategized, others just straight got to building. The results weren’t better one way or another, but team members from organized groups did feel better about the process and end result.
  • Some groups and individuals sorted LEGO® bricks by color, size and/or function, making friends in their sister team when they took over the project.
  • Some people get really competitive over LEGO®!

Contributions galore

  • What is the project about, what does it solve / why is it important?
  • What contributions are you looking for / what are you hoping to get out of DevDay?
  • How can participants best prepare (pre-reading, setting up dev environment, downloading dependencies, …)

What we built

  • Guardian for Apache Kafka, with Matthew de Detrich (Senior Software Engineer — OSPO). Guardian is a disaster recovery tool for Apache Kafka, designed solely for backing up actively running Kafka clusters onto persistent storage’s (currently AWS S3).
  • Several Kafka connectors, with Josep Prat (Open Source Engineering Manager), like HTTP sink, Common module, OpenSearch, transformations, JDBC sink and source, and GCS sink.
  • Karapace, with Augusto Hack (Senior Software Engineer), an open-source implementation of Kafka REST and Schema Registry.
  • The Metadata Parser, with Francesco Tisiot (Developer Advocate). The metadata parser helps connect the dots of complex data projects. Parses the services metadata, and stores the information as a graph, composed by nodes and edges, showing how data is connected. The project was released just after the event.
  • Prometheus exporter plugin for OpenSearch, which exposes many OpenSearch metrics in Prometheus format, with Lukáš Vlček (Staff Software Engineer — OSPO).
  • Rohmu, with Kevin Michel (Staff Software Engineer) & Ronan Dunklau (Senior Software Engineer). Rohmu is a Python library for building backup tools for databases. Rohmu is used in various backup tools such as PGHoard for PostgreSQL, MyHoard for MySQL and Astacus for M3 and ClickHouse and other databases. The team released v1.0 and 1.0.1 at the event. And the project now has an adorable logo.
  • Fedora (packaging), with Paul Wouters (Senior Software Engineer Security).



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