Aiven hero image for PG 12 release entitled “Good things just got better.”

Aiven first to support managed PostgreSQL 12

You can now create a PostgreSQL 12 service on any of Aiven’s supported clouds, making Aiven the first cloud service to provide managed PostgreSQL 12.

PostgreSQL’s latest version upgrade brings improvements to the table in all areas from better performing B-tree indexes to a more mature partitioning system.

Major enhancements including partitioning improvements

General performance improvements include space usage optimization and read/write performance for B-tree indexes.

There are also a number of partitioning enhancements:

  • improved query performance on tables with thousands of partitions
  • improved insertion performance (INSERT and COPY)
  • the ability to run ALTER TABLE ATTACH PARTITION without encountering blocking queries

Additional major enhancements:

  • support for SQL/JSON path language
  • stored generated columns
  • enablement of case-insensitive and accent-insensitive grouping and ordering
  • new server-side authentication features

For a complete list of improvements built into PostgreSQL 12, have a look at the release page.

How to get managed PostgreSQL 12

To find out how to launch your first PG 12 cluster, finish the article at




Your database in the cloud,

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Your database in the cloud,

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